Seven years ago I was CEO of an advertising agency, Cue Media, and we had just won “Best Website of the Year” for the Utah Home Builders Association. The next step with our award-winning client was to get more traffic to their site and generate leads. Our web development team’s expertise was in design but I needed an expert SEO team I could trust to take their site to the next level. In my research, I found Dave Bascom of (Web Targeted back then) I introduced Dave to my client; he was professional, knowledgeable, came prepared with my client’s current web ranking and competitor information and then -promised 4th to 6th place for Google search results with a committed six month engagement. I was then nervous that any SEO company could honestly predict that outcome. I questioned Dave afterwards about this and he said actually he will get them to 1st, 2nd or 3rd position- so he was playing it safe. He was absolutely right and after a few months that home builder was at the number one spot. For seven years they have stayed in the top two positions. Over the years I have been in the position to recommend to at least seven other clients, all of whom have had same experience- under promises and over delivers. has grown considerably by one success story after another and recently was tested by the ultimate in competitive marketplaces-with the keyword “laptops”. This client didn’t even have “laptop” in their url however they were, according to Alexa, the most popular computer hardware website in the world and sitting at the bottom of the second page of Google.’s crack team now has their client where they should be; in 1st position. They are also in 1st place for “monitors”, “pc”, “desktops” and 2nd position for “servers” and “desktop printers”.
I have been so impressed with that I decided to join the company. Knowing their track record of measurable results and consistent ROI makes this position an absolute blast.